Enjoyed very much having the extraordinary Mark Thomas in the studio, and to be able to support him photographically for this amazing show.
Makermark Exhibition! launching his first collection of furniture alongside unique commissioned pieces and other creations.⁣

He has also curated guest artists Beccy Mccray(@beccy_mccraycray) and Benjamin Phillips (@benjamindraws) who'll be showing large scale paintings and ceramic artworks, so it should be a great show!⁣

Makermark is a designer and maker, crafting furniture and other creations using traditional woodworking techniques and a playful, contemporary approach. The exhibition launches Makermark's first collection of furniture alongside unique commissioned pieces and Makermark's other creations.

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"It is as if the drama and anticipation of changing skies and moody seas echo the complication and confusion of our troubled minds. These scenes witnessed through a lens and cast within a frame speak of personal human pain, experiences and circumstances, temper our suffering. The sea and sky bring us a calm wonder and visceral moments in time. Nature's visual gift to us is that of peace and joy." EDDIE KNIGHT
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